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My name’s Maureen Carter, I’m an author and I live in Birmingham. I worked as a journalist in BBC TV news for nearly twenty years. I still write for a living, but these days I make up the stories as I go along and put words into other people’s mouths without a ticking off from the boss. (Unless I’m in a really bad mood.)

Seriously, I love writing crime fiction and I’m grateful for an extensive media career that informs, influences and inspires my work. I’m now the creator of two crime series that feature strong female detectives and I generally throw a stroppy reporter into the blend.

Several of the Bev Morriss books are also available in audio format. Hence the pic taken during a national campaign to promote audio books.

My latest book is called Overkill and the cover is one of my favourites.

Overkill cover image

But enough about me . . . my website can fill in the blanks. It’s full of details about the books and it has further backstory as well as latest news: http://www.maureencarter.co.uk

The fact is, I’d rather hear more about (and from) you – especially the sort of thing you’d like me to cover on this blog. The net’s awash with the things and I don’t want to duplicate what’s out there. I’d prefer to make it as distinctive as I can, so if there’s anything you want to know about me or an aspect of writing that particularly interests you – feel free to ask.

Here’s how you contact me:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maureen.carter.50

Twitter: @getcarter4

Catch you later!

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